Barbie Mania

For the last couple of months, we've all been bombarded with all things Barbie. Whether you saw the movie or didn't, whether you liked the movie or didn't, it was a phenomenon hard to miss. And, yes, I jumped on the Barbie bandwagon and made some pink gingham hats for you! They're so cute! Summer isn't quite over, and sun protection is so important. Barbie's got you covered!

I saw the movie (I went with friends, and yes, I wore pink). The movie was so clever and had a lot of great messages. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing. But one of my favorite parts of going to the movie in a theater was what happened afterwards. The lights came up and a sea of pink walked out of the theater, which was fun to see. But even better - people were so nice to each other! One woman was taking a photo by the movie poster and a passer by said, You look great, Barbie! She responded with a huge smile and said, Thanks, Barbie! People were holding doors for one another, with more Thanks, Barbies, and people were just smiling and being
friendly. It was so, well, BarbieLand. And it was wonderful.

Now don't get me wrong. I don't really want to live in Barbieland, but wouldn't it be great if we stopped being judgmental and supported one another instead? There's so much animosity and distrust and competition amongst us, women and men, and it would be great to take a little piece of the Barbie movie with us as we go about our day.

And, of course, do it in a hat!