Mom and DadMy Mom taught me to sew at a young age.  She was amazing (not only for her sewing ability, but that’s for a different About Me page).  Going to the local fabric store with her to flip through the pattern books and select our fabrics was something my sister and I both looked forward to.  Mom always had invaluable advice about our choices.  I couldn’t wait to start on my next project;  I loved wearing things that no one else had.

After one of my trips to New York in high school, I came home with a hat on my head.  Growing up, all we wore were ski hats because it was cold!  We thought we were fashionable as we selected the stripes and colors of our rooster hats, but, no, we were not.  Sally Caswell MillineryThe hat I brought back from New York was my first “fashion” hat, and I loved it.  Years passed, I made a lot of stuff, I bought a lot of hats, and eventually, I decided to combine my love of making things with my love of hats.  After some experimenting on my own, I enrolled in my first millinery class at the Fashion Institute of Technology.  It didn’t take long to know that I was going to complete the certificate program at FIT.  From there, I joined the Milliners Guild in New York and started selling hats, both on my own and at New York hat boutiques.  It’s been a fun ride, I’ve met some fantastic people, and I look forward to making a lot more hats!